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General Info


Leagues will be offered each calendar in each of the three(3) shotgun disciplines—Skeet, Trap and 5-Stand.  CGC members may participate in any or all three leagues as desired and may enter at anytime during the quarter, so long as the shooter registers and then shoots the required targets before the quarter ends.  Shooters keep their scores on official score cards issued at time of registration.  All targets must be shot at Capitol Gun Club.  Shooters may use targets shot in NSSA and ATA registered events, Tuesday night leagues, and targets shot during normal operating hours or open access sessions.  All shooting and scoring is honor system.  Scores will be posted as shooters turn in their completed score cards and all score cards must be turned in by the last day of the quarter.  CGC Board resolves all disputes and can change the program as necessary to promote the harmony and integrity of the shoot.

Entry Fees

Shooters pay $10 for each league entered.  All fees are returned to class winners and no refunds will be given for failure to complete or other reasons.  Regular membership round fees apply.


Lewis Class System will be used in each league:

  1-5 Shooters, one class

  6-10 Shooters, two classes

 11-15 Shooters, three classes

 16-20 shooters, four classes


Class winners in each league share their league’s purse.  Ties divide.  If 21 or more shooters participate in a league, the winner (highest score) will be declared champion and comes out of class.  Champion receives $10.00 more than class winners (added money given by the Club).

Skeet League (300 targets)

National Skeet Shooting Association rules apply.  Shooter must declare gauge (or bore) upon registration.  Gauge bonuses will be given for the 28 gauge (3 targets) and .410 bore (6 targets).  No shooter can score more than 300 targets including the gauge bonus.

Trap League (300 targets)

Amateur Trapshooting Association rules apply.  League is 16-yard singles only.

5-Stand League (200 targets)

National Sporting Clays Association rules apply.  Shooters shoot the “course of the day”; i.e., shooters must shoot the course as set at the time of shooting (no re-arranging the traps to suit the shooter).  Note:  Trap presentation will be changed from time to time by management without prior notification.


Amateur Trapshooting Association The Mississippi Skeet Shooting Association National Skeet Shooting Association