Welcome Youth Shooters

2016  Mississippi AIM State Championship

Capital Gun Club

Jackson, Mississippi

April 9-10, 2016


Program:  Each day the club will open at 7:30 a.m.; Shooting will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Capitol Gun Club will be open for practice from 1:00 until  5:00 Friday April 8, 2016.

Saturday April 9th; 200 Championship Single Targets

Sunday Aril 10th; 50 Pair Championship Double Targets followed by 100 Championship Handicap Targets

Overall Team and Individual Champions based on combined scores of the Championship Targets Events 400 targets.

Events will be shot 5 targets per post, 100 targets per field.

Practice traps practice will be those traps open.



Open to ATA- AIM members.  Membership is concurrent with target year, September 1st-August 31st. no minimum target requirements:  Memberships available upon registration.

Bring ATA and AIM card, an up to date average card (if received) and/or proof of pre-paid membership.

Membership applications will be available at the shoot.

No target minimums required.




It is highly recommended that you Pre-Squad for this event.  Capitol Gun Club has 5 program fields and space may be limited.  Pre-Squadding will be through and will cost $3.00 per post per event, payable on line and no checks. Pre-Squadding will open on January 25, 2016 and close March 18, 2016.  Please Pre-Squad!  Walkups will be accommodated as space will allow.



Target Fees; $30.00 per 100 targets

Daily Fees; ATA $3.00 + MTA $3.00

Practice targets; $5.00 per 25 single/handicap and $10 per 25 pair doubles.




ATA rules shall govern the shoot.  Shoot management reserves the right to change/modify the program at its discretion at any time. 


Targets and setting:

White Flyer Orange dome targets will be thrown for this tournament. Shoot Management will set all targets. Questions concerning target settings will be referred to Shoot Management; its decisions are final.


Shooter Responsibility:   

1. Before leaving the registration table, check your classifications, handicap yardage and to see if the Handicap Committee has correctly marked your Entry Sheet. It is your responsibility to know the rules. You are subject to penalties for shooting in the wrong classification or wrong yardage. Even if your card is marked, it shall be your responsibility to inform the Handicap Committee as to your eligibility.

2. Entry fees shall be paid in cash or by personal checks. The cashier will not accept counter checks, second party checks, or credit cards. No exceptions.

3. No shooter will be allowed to make up more than 50 targets on the practice trap on any one event if he or she missed their squad. If you are unable to join your squad before they have started their third sub-event, you must re-squad and pay a $10.00 late entry/re-squad penalty. All make-ups for either missed squads or gun repairs must report to the Handicap Committee within 30 minutes of when the last squad takes the line for that particular event.

4. By entering the competition, every person agrees to accept all official decisions and to abide by the ATA Rules.

5. Please check your score after firing at each five targets (ten for doubles or 10/post). The squad captain (No. 1 shooter) will total the scores for each member of the squad after 25 targets and initial the score sheets. Errors made in totaling will be corrected when discovered. However, all changes in lost or dead targets will be made in strict accordance with ATA Rules.



AIM categories - Pre-sub ages 11 and under; Sub Jr. ages  12 14; Junior ages 15 17; and Junior Gold ages 18 23.

Team/Individual shooters may shoot as part of a team and/or as an individual. If shooting as a team, each shooters score automatically port over and will be tallied as an individual as well giving the shooter two chances to win. Teams may be comprised of any ages which will be categorized equal to the oldest shooter. Last minute team substitutions are allowed due to non-preventable circumstances only.  Plan your squad carefully.



Team: Champion, Runner-up, and 3rd in each category 

Individual: Champion, Runner- up, and 3rd place in Pre-sub and Junior gold:

                    Champion thru 5th place in Sub Junior and Junior:

High Over All (HOA): One award presented to highest total for the 3 Championship events.


-Factory load or hand-load ammunition is allowed.

-All ammunition must meet ATA specifications.

-Picking up empty shells from the ground during and after shooting will not be permitted.  If you desire to save your

  empty shells, please transfer them from your gun to your pouch.

-No vending or solicitation on Capitol Gun Club property without the express permission of shoot management.


Camper space is available on a first come first serve basis.  Please call Capitol Gun Club for reservations



FOR QUESTIONS OR ASSISTANCE PLEASE CONTACT Randy Dearman at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or